My First iPhone App!

Several months back I toyed with the idea of porting my audio cassette music player to iPhone using Flash Professional CS5’s iPhone Packager, and as you can see from the video below I’ve done just that. Although Apple are blocking content written in Flash from the App Store I still thought it would be a […]

My Nokia has gone through an 80s time warp!

Just for fun I decided to port my audio cassette music player to mobile. A really strange thing happened though when I actually got it onto my Nokia 5800. As soon as I saw it on the phone’s screen a long forgotten memory from my childhood came back to me of something I hadn’t thought about […]

Croc & Dare

So how’s my iPhone game coming along? ‘Slowly but surely’ I think would be the best way to describe progress at the moment. Rigging of the 3D models has been put on hold for a week or two while Alan jumps onto some more pressing freelance jobs he’s been working on. Coding has begun in […]

Draw me a crocodile and make it snappy!

That’s exactly what I said to concept extraordinaire Steve K and he happily obliged. The image below is a render from the 3D model Alan has produced from Steve’s artwork. So what’s this character’s name then? Well his friends (and his enemies) simply call him Croc and as you can no doubt guess he’s the […]

Introducing Dare

With my Russian roulette game done and dusted it’s time for me give you lucky readers a sneak peek at my next project. I wont reveal too much at the moment, mainly because it’s still in the very early stages, but I can tell you that it’ll be an iPhone game starring a monkey called […]

Russian Roulette Touch Released

If you’re lucky enough to own a touchscreen Nokia rather than one of those smelly iPhones or HTC thingies then you’ll be able to play the latest version of my Russian roulette game that is now available from clickgamer. It’s the ideal game for making bets with friends and family. I’ve won a considerable amount […]

RIP GamesFlash

‘What the heck is GamesFlash?’ I hear you ask. ‘Is this another one of your hugely ambitious personal projects that never got finished Mr Caleb?’ Well yes and no. You see I did actually finish this one, although I do confess to having spent the last three years of my life on it. Strictly speaking, […]

Touchscreen Demo

Well that’s the revolver code from my Russian roulette game rewritten for touchscreen. Having touch support has allowed me to make things a little more interesting, with the user now being able to tinker with individual parts of the gun, which you can see in the video below. Considering how tricky resistive touchscreens can be […]

Russian Roulette

I tend to undertake personal projects that are way too ambitious and almost always never get finished. However I think recently I’ve started to learn that if I ever want to do anything cool outside work I’m gonna have to be more realistic about what I can undertake in my limited spare time. So last […]

Flash Training for .net Developers

At WeeWorld the majority of our projects are split evenly between Flash and .net, however very few developers are cross-trained in both. As part of our ongoing effort to be agile I was tasked with giving our .net developers some Flash training. Spread over 6 weeks, the guys have been spending their Friday afternoons working […]