Bunny Boss Battle

It’s been a few months since I last showed off Bunny Vengeance. Well here’s the latest version of the prototype and as you can see from the video it’s looking much more complete. The most obvious change is the addition of the Boss – previously you were just fighting a clone of yourself. Blocking punches […]

Going Mobile with Flash and Scaleform

Thanks to Autodesk’s Scaleform, the user interfaces in many of your favourite video games have all been created using Flash Professional and successfully integrated with the game’s native code. Mass Effect, Crysis and Halo Wars are prefect example of AAA titles that have gone down this route. However Rovio – the makers of angry birds […]

Stick Tennis

I actually meant to post about this game when it was originally released last year but for one reason or another didn’t get round to it. Thankfully its feature the other day on the App Store reminded me about it again. Stick Tennis is a really cool Adobe AIR tennis game that will have you […]