Building an HTML5 Flappy Bird clone with Adobe Animate CC: Part 3

Welcome to the third part of this HTML5 Flappy Bird tutorial series. Over the course of the first two parts we created the artwork required for our game. Today we’ll actually start writing the code using the JavaScript programming language. What you will learn… How to write JavaScript directly within Adobe Animate CC How to […]

An Introduction to Flash’s WebGL Runtime API

Learn how to build interactive WebGL content using Adobe Flash Professional CC 2014 that will run across both desktop and mobile browsers. What you will learn… How to publish for WebGL from Flash Professional CC 2014 The basics of Flash’s WebGL Runtime API How to work with Flash movie-clips using JavaScript What you should know… […]

Adobe AIR Games Showcase #4

It’s time to take a look at some more great games built with Adobe AIR. If you’re using the Flash platform, or any other development platform for that matter, to build your own games then hopefully you’ll find some inspiration here. If you’re just looking for a few games to play then I don’t think […]