Merry Christmas

For those who don’t know me, I like Star Wars even more than I like Flash. With Christmas only a few days away I thought I’d share this photo with you guys and tell you a little cautionary Christmas tale. That’s me and my brother dressed up in those crappy Star Wars costumes. And even […]

GPU Rendering on iPhone and Android

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few months now but never seemed to find the time. It’s related to my Packager for iPhone: Render Performance article and regards rendering differences between content written for AIR for Android and the Packager for iPhone. In short, the article highlighted the performance problems when playing […]

Adobe Flash Player 10.2

Okay, so Flash Player 10.2 beta has been available on Adobe Labs for a good few days now, and if you haven’t already installed the beta then it might just worth your while. The biggest addition in 10.2 is Stage Video hardware acceleration, which should see CPU usage significantly reduced, enable higher frame rates, and […]

Happy Birthday Blog!

Hard to believe but my blog is one year old today. Have a slice of this virtual cake on me. Om nom nom nom.

Building an iPhone App Using Flash

I popped into my local newsagents and noticed a rather interesting issue of Computer Arts Projects. Almost a third of the magazine has been given over to an extended project detailing how the all-new Computer Arts app for iPhone and iPad, called Visualator, was built using Flash Professional CS5. The magazine takes you through all […]

Flash Mobile Development Links

Flash development on mobile is starting to pick up some momentum, be it Flash Lite on Nokia devices or AIR-based apps for Android. So if you’re at all interested in Flash for mobile then head over to Alessandro Pace’s blog where you’ll find everything from tutorials to white papers all conveniently listed in the one […]

Flash Stigma

When did Flash become such a dirty word? I ask because I was flicking through the pages of a magazine the other day when I noticed an article comparing Apple’s iPad to Blackberry’s upcoming Playbook. To help potential buyers make a decision the magazine had kindly provided a summary with Pros and Cons for each […]