How To Make Better Games

I don’t get out anywhere near enough these days, so my boss sent me off to the Edinburgh International Technology Festival. I must admit, there was a great mix of presentations over the two days, but it was the gaming related talks that I found of most interest, and I’d like to share some of […]

One More ‘Lost’ Recipe

There are many technical challenges when moving from desktop to mobile but the first thing that usually catches newbies out is the increased pixel density of compact mobile screens. When writing Flash iOS Apps Cookbook, pixel density was something I’d addressed in Chapter 4, Porting Flash Projects to iOS. However after reading the feedback from […]

Understanding Pixel Density

While iOS devices have a smaller physical screen size compared to desktop monitors, they have a much higher pixel density. Pixel density is typically measured in pixels per inch (PPI) and indicates the amount of detail that can be shown on a screen. The higher the pixel density, the greater the detail that can be […]