Bunny vs. Bunny

As promised, here’s a quick video of our first Bunny Vengeance rapid prototype. For demo purposes I’m using a clone of our hero as the opponent. I’m still waiting for plenty more animation from Alex, which I’ll hopefully drop-in over the weekend. But for the time being you can see in the video above: a […]

More Bunny Vengeance

So I finally found some time to start coding the Bunny Vengeance game idea that I’d been working on with my buddy Alex. The first prototype will be fairly simplistic but it should give us an idea if it has any mileage. Alex has sent over a tonne of animation and I’m using Flash Professional […]

60fps gameplay with Box2D and Starling

My post from a few weeks back may have piqued your curiosity. It showed the bare bones of a scrolling platform game built on top of Box2D and running with debug graphics. Since then I’ve been busy adding proper visuals to it using the Starling framework and can now reveal what the heck I’ve actually […]