Setting iOS App Name from Flash CS5.5

If you’ve overlaid the latest AIR SDK onto Flash Professional CS5.5 then you may have noticed that it’s no longer possible to set your app’s Home screen name from the AIR for iOS Settings panel. Previously the value of the App name field was used to set the application’s screen name. For example, setting the […]

New Flash Books from O’Reilly

O’Reilly recently released three new Flash related e-books, and the brilliant news is that they’re all available for free. First up there’s What’s New in Adobe AIR 3 and What’s New in Flash Player 11, both of which are by Joseph Labrecque, who is also the author of the excellent Flash Development for Android Cookbook. […]

Hullo 2012!

In my last post I recapped what I’d been up to last year, so I guess it’s only fair to go over my plans for the next twelve months. After all, the reason I started this blog was to force myself to learn new things and to share my findings. Hopefully by posting this it’ll […]

Goodbye 2011

I’ve probably worked harder over the last 12 months than I’ve ever done before, and that’s including my two year stint in the games industry. In fact, I’m not entirely sure where I’ve managed to find the time to update this blog at all, but I’m glad I have. And although some amazing opportunities have […]