Building iOS Apps with Flash’s Help

We recently released, Cweeture Jump, our first in-house iPhone game. Although we rely heavily on Flash at WeeWorld, Cweeture Jump was actually written natively using Objective C for a number of reasons. Interestingly though this didn’t mean that Flash was entirely removed from the equation as our art team opted to continue using it to […]

Facebook Graph API Development with Flash

I don’t post enough about books on my blog, so here’s one for all you Flash developers out there interested in Facebook integration. Michael James William’s “Facebook Graph API Development with Flash” is a great introduction to the Facebook Graph API and definitely worth a read. The book gets straight to the point and covers […]

Doppelgänger Released

You may remember I posted a few months back about our Facebook Challenge day at WeeWorld and my team’s heartache at unfairly losing to team Sex Panther. You don’t? We’ll personally I won’t forget coz the demo we produced was pretty cool. So cool in fact that Doppelgänger recently got added to the WeeWorld roadmap […]