I tend to undertake personal projects that are way too ambitious and almost always never get finished. However I think recently I’ve started to learn that if I ever want to do anything cool outside work I’m gonna have to be more realistic about what I can undertake in my limited spare time.

So last month I decided to make a fairly simple Flash Lite mobile phone game that was fun, a little edgy (please don’t sue me Tim Langdell), and would appeal to a crowd of people in say, the office or at a party. If you’re lucky enough to own a Nokia S60 3rd Edition phone you can now have a great time playing my russian roulette game. Ideal for parties, drinking games or making bets with friends. And if you’ve ever thought about playing russian roulette for real then this is a great way to get some practice in first!

Careful you don't blow your brains out Gregory
So far the response has been positive and for Star Wars fans out there I couldn’t help but add the Wilhelm scream for when you eventually shoot yourself. The current version only works with non-touch screen Nokias but I’ve been itching to do something for the S60 5th Edition devices since I got my Nokia 5800, so work on a touch-screen version has already begun. I’ll keep you all posted on its progress.

Come to think of it, with the release of Flash CS5 on the horizon it might be something worth porting over to iPhone. Then again I think there are already a few similar apps available from the App Store, plus my list of iPhone game ideas is starting to get out of hand so adding another might not be wise.

You can get the S60 3rd Edition version of Russian Roulette from clickgamer. Enjoy!

Oh and a big thanks to MacDog for giving me a loan of The Deer Hunter, which was the inspiration for my game.