Fun with Three.js

Every year I promise myself I’ll spend some time learning 3D graphics programming and just about every year I fail miserably at finding the time to do so. So in a desperate attempt not to let the same happen again this year I thought I’d do some tinkering with three.js. Here are two quick demos […]

JS-Linter Flash Pro CC Extension

Static code analysis tools like JSLint can be a real time saver when working with JavaScript. It can be somewhat frustrating only finding out about errors in your code at runtime. It’s especially true when working with Flash Pro’s HTML5 Canvas document, where a simple typo can leave you with a blank page in your […]

Flash Pro Introduces HTML5 Canvas Doc

Adobe has just released an update to Flash Professional CC and the great news is that it now provides native HTML5 document support. This is a significant step towards Flash’s deeper integration with HTML5 and the CreateJS framework. You can now create a new HTML5 document directly from Flash Professional and you’ll find all the […]