Happy Birthday Adobe AIR

Yup, it’s hard to believe but Adobe AIR is now two years old and it’s incredible just how far it has come in that short space of time. Given the growing debate over Flash’s future within the browser it’s often easy to forget that the Flash platform allows developers to create rich Internet applications that […]

AIR for Android

Good news folk! Adobe have announced at Mobile World Congress their plans to bring Adobe AIR to mobile devices, starting with Android and Blackberry handsets. So what does this mean for us Flash developers? Well basically it means we’ll be able to write kick-ass mobile apps and sell them on the Android and Blackberry app […]

Where has Forum Nokia’s Online Packager gone?

What the heck is going on with Forum Nokia’s Online Flash Lite packager? It must be months now since Nokia put the project on hold meaning anyone with great Flash Lite content that they’d like to package and distribute will have have to look elsewhere for an alternative. It’s a real shame because the online […]

WeeMee iPhone app

Yeah, okay, so this post has nothing to do with Flash whatsoever. But hey I’ve got plenty of love for other technologies – even the ones that don’t support Flash. So if you happen to have an iPhone along with the other zillion people out there then I thoroughly recommend you check out WeeWorld’s WeeMee […]

The Flash Player Mobile Push

It’s not long until Mobile World Congress and those fortunate enough to be there will finally get the chance to try Flash Player 10.1 running on mobile. To-date we’ve only seen some sneak peek videos released by Adobe showing Flash-enhanced sites running on devices such as the Nexus One, but I want to know how […]

iPhone apps built with Flash CS5

Adobe have released a video showing off some more apps created using Flash Pro CS5. What I’ve seen so far is very encouraging and the performance seems to be significantly better compared to some of the earlier releases they announced during MAX. These apps are available on the App Store along with others that are […]