So how’s my iPhone game coming along? ‘Slowly but surely’ I think would be the best way to describe progress at the moment.

Rigging of the 3D models has been put on hold for a week or two while Alan jumps onto some more pressing freelance jobs he’s been working on.

Coding has begun in one form or another. I’ve thrown together a lot of quick demos in an attempt to gauge just what I can squeeze out of the first generation iPod Touch, which is a tad on the slow side. Most people aren’t aware of it, but there’s quite a difference between the technical specification of the older iPod Touches/iPhones and the more recent models. Yes even Apple are susceptible to fragmentation across their mobile devices. Although I do think they have managed it fairly well.

Oh, and I suppose I might as well let you know what we’re calling the game. Yup, I’m sure you’ve already guessed it from this post’s title. It’s called Croc & Dare.