More Molehill Goodness

I must say, I’m pretty damn excited by Stage3D (AKA Molehill) and this demo written using the Alternativa 3D engine gives further indication as to we’ll be able to do with Flash and full 3D GPU support. It’s a work-in-progress demonstration of Tanki Online 2.0, and if you’re in any doubt about what Stage 3D […]

AIR 2.7 Released

Adobe has just announced the availability of AIR 2.7 and there’s some great news for those targeting iOS. The rendering performance of AIR 2.7 for iOS is up to four times faster, meaning Flash is quickly becoming a viable platform for a number of iOS projects. Adobe Developer Evangelist, Renaun Erickson highlights the faster rendering […]

Bye Bye Yahoo! Maps API

Some real bad news if you’re a Flash developer who uses Yahoo’s excellent ActionScript Maps API. Yahoo! are closing the service as of September 13th. It’s not just the ActionScript APIs that are for the chop, here’s the full list: ActionScript 2 & 3 APIs AJAX Maps 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 REST API (Map Image API) […]

The Visible Property

Can you see it? Yeah that little check-box sitting in the Properties Inspector. Yup that’s right, it’s the Visible property and at long last we can set it from the IDE rather than having to use ActionScript. Okay I know you can just as easily set a display object’s Alpha property instead, but setting Visible […]