Aqualibrium, Matching Set, and Speedy Cups

Here’s three games all worth a look. I’ll be honest, Flash was only used in one of them but the other two were created by developers who know the Flash platform pretty well. Speedy Cups We’ll start with the Flash one. Developed by ShortCut Studio, this fun little game has you keeping track of the […]

Another ‘Lost Recipe’ Released

Well I thought it was about time I dug out another ‘lost recipe’ from my Flash iOS Apps Cookbook. This one shows how to stream remote video to a device and was originally intended for Chapter 12, Working with Video and Audio. You’d have thought this recipe would have been a strong candidate to make […]

Playing Remote Video

It’s often convenient to playback video remotely from a web server rather than bundling it directly within your app. This is necessary, for example, in apps where the user has to select from a collection of dynamically uploaded video. Let’s see how to progressively download either an FLV or H.264 video from the web and […]

HTML5 Bubbles (with Flash’s Help)

You’re probably sick of these bubbles. They’ve already popped up in my book, a recent Starling tutorial I wrote, and now here they are again. So what’s different this time? Well, if you right-click on any of them you’ll notice something odd. That’s right, there’s no Adobe Flash Player driving them. Unlike my other bubble […]

Six Open Source Native Extensions

Firstly, if you haven’t already seen it in action, then download Song Pop from the Apple Store or Google Play. It’s a great little song recognisation game that lets you challenge your friends. What’s more, it was written using Adobe AIR and is a perfect example of what can be developed using the Flash platform […]