Why YouTube Primarily Uses Flash

There’s a really interesting post over on the YouTube API Blog from Google’s YouTube team explaining their reasons for using the Flash Platform to deliver video. The article discusses the advantages Flash currently has over the HTML5 <video> tag including: A Standardised Video Format Robust Video Streaming Content Protection Encapsulation & Embedding of Video Fullscreen […]

Flash Player 10.1 on Android 2.2

Thought I’d share a video I stumbled upon today showing the latest beta build of Flash Player 10.1 running on an Android 2.2 handset. I’m pleased to say that the performance now looks significantly better than the first beta build I got to play with at the Adobe CS5 Road Show in Edinburgh. I guess […]

Flash content doesn’t have to be bloated

I keep hearing from friends and colleagues that Flash is notoriously slow and the content it produces is hopelessly bloated. Of course this simply isn’t true but recently I’ve been finding out the hard way that it’s not easy to convince many of them otherwise. Now I’m not attempting to turn this into a Flash […]

Build an app in a week recordings

Last week saw a series of free live webinars presented by Adobe technology experts showing users how to create RIAs using the Flash platform. If you missed out or simply want to cover the material again then fear not as you can find links to each session below. Rapidly build, deploy, and maintain Internet apps […]

Adobe AIR 2.0 Released

Not content with giving us lucky people Flash Player 10.1, Adobe has also very generously announced the release of AIR 2.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Billed as the most significant update of AIR since its original release, it consists of dozens of new features and hundreds of new APIs for developers to take advantage […]

Flash Player 10.1 Released

Flash Player 10.1 for Windows, Mac and Linux is finally available. It’s so packed full of new features and has had such a significant architectural change that’s it’s hard to believe Adobe hasn’t just labelled it Flash Player 11. And with Flash Player 10.1 for Android scheduled for release later this month it really is […]

Flash Camp Manchester

I’ve been told that all the cool kids will be heading to Manchester on the 8th of July for Flash Camp. Kindly organised by Flash Midlands the event will take place at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School for an afternoon and an evening of presentations, discussions and demonstrations of all things Flash. It sounds like […]

Innovation through Flash

With all the recent hype surrounding HTML5 it’s easy to forget how innovative the Flash platform continues to be. Flash video in particular has taken a bashing of late from the Apple camp and with Adobe so eager to defend video in Flash many seem to have forgotten that Flash can do so much more. […]

Windows 7 Slate with Flash Support

I gotta take my hat off to Apple. In the three years since the iPhone’s launch the other mobile OEMs are still desperately trying to play catch-up. Even the impressive Android OS doesn’t quite managed it. Android handsets are already suffering the terrible fragmentation issues (different OS versions, screen resolutions, user interfaces) that Apple has […]