Flash CS5 will have iPad support

Good news boys and girls. Steve Jobs might be trying his damnedest to keep Flash off all his shiny new toys but that hasn’t stopped Adobe from ensuring that those using the upcoming Flash Pro CS5 will be able to create applications that will run on the iPad. Content compiled using Flash’s iPhone Packager will happily run on […]

iPad v Flash

So here it is: Apple’s latest technical marvel. No wait a minute, that’s not it! Ah here it is. Sorry my mistake, but it’s an easy one to make I suppose. After all both are quite large, touch-sensitive, and extremely shiny. Any other similarities? Oh yeah, and neither support Flash, although at least the Monolith’s […]

Will HTML5 kill Flash?

As a Flash developer I must admit to being curious at YouTube’s HTML5 trial support, removing the need for the Flash player for video playback. Video-centric social networking site Vimeo has also followed suit with its own HTML5 video player beta. To be honest, until recently I’d been fairly dismissive of HTML5’s chances of ousting […]

Dave – A Flash Success Story

Imagine if you could somehow take Google and place it inside a man’s brain then have that man spit out the answer to almost any question you put to him. Well such a person does exist. His name is Dave and I had the great pleasure of working with him for four years at WeeWorld right […]

My Nokia has gone through an 80s time warp!

Just for fun I decided to port my audio cassette music player to mobile. A really strange thing happened though when I actually got it onto my Nokia 5800. As soon as I saw it on the phone’s screen a long forgotten memory from my childhood came back to me of something I hadn’t thought about […]

Croc & Dare

So how’s my iPhone game coming along? ‘Slowly but surely’ I think would be the best way to describe progress at the moment. Rigging of the 3D models has been put on hold for a week or two while Alan jumps onto some more pressing freelance jobs he’s been working on. Coding has begun in […]

Some more handsets running Flash Player 10.1

We’ve seen Flash Player 10.1 running on the Google Nexus and now Adobe have released some more videos showing Flash on a few more handsets. First up is another Android phone – the Motorola Droid. Again performance looks pretty good and Adobe have also chosen to demonstrate Flash running on a few different websites, including […]

Flash 10.1 Coming to Google Nexus One

Adobe released a great video showcasing Flash Player 10.1 running on the brand new Google Nexus One. Now before you rush out and buy one, be aware that the player isn’t available on the phone just yet, but Adobe promise to push it over the web to you as soon as it’s ready. Performance wise […]

I’m not a Nokia hater, honest

Although I subscribe to a few Flash and mobile related groups, I tend not to post that often on them for a few reasons. Firstly, most people’s posts get answered before I have a chance to reply. Secondly I tend to talk rubbish quite often so it’s best I keep my mouth shut. In fact, keeping […]

Flash Lite 3 Security Sandbox – A Reminder

This isn’t anything new but it’s an easy one to forget and something that caught me out the other day. So to be perfectly honest I’m writing this as more of a reminder to myself rather than anything else. Firstly the problem. I was helping someone with their Flash Lite app that let the user […]