Starling Bubbles

If you’ve been working your way through my book then you may find the content in the following video familiar. As part of a series of articles I’m writing for Flash & Flex Developer’s Magazine, I decided to revisit the underwater bubbles scene from my Flash iOS Apps Cookbook. However, whereas the cookbook focusses on […]

JavaScript Parallax Scrolling

My Starling parallax scrolling demo that I showed off running on iPad seems to have gotten quite a lot of attention recently. So I thought I’d strike while the iron was hot and quickly throw together a JavaScript version, which you can hopefully see below. I’d originally been working with the graphics from Halfbricks’s excellent […]

Some Great Flash Announcements

The last few weeks have seen a series of great announcements for the Flash platform and I thought I’d take some time to cover some of my favourites. Stage3D and Unreal Engine The most recent, was the availability of Epic Citadel, which demonstrated the Unreal Engine running within the desktop Flash Player. Using Stage3D to […]

Creating Particle Effects with Starling

I was asked by Flash & Flex Developer’s magazine to write a tutorial covering Starling and its particle system extension. So if you fancy seeing just how easy it is to get really great particle effects up and running using Starling then head on over to the magazine’s official website and grab yourself a copy […]