Happy Halloween

I thought I’d create some spooky ghosts using Starling to scare my WeeMee with. Enjoy Halloween everyone!

Starling Experiment

I’ve been playing with the Starling framework and so far the performance on desktop has been pretty good. Here’s a little experiment I bashed together. Just click on the little rotating sprite then watch all hell break loose. Oh and once things get a bit hectic, run your mouse over them to create some nice […]

Vlad’s Vampire Bats

The Flash platform has had some success with children’s interactive books and here’s another one that’s arrived just in time for Halloween. Vlad’s Vampire Bats tells the story of Vlad; a lonely vampire with a problem: everything he touches turns into a bat. You’ll be taken through 17 screens of animated fun, lighting candles with […]

It’s Not All About 3D You Know

Yup, that’s right. With all this talk of Stage 3D lately you could be forgiven for thinking that Adobe has given up on simple 2D games. However that couldn’t be further from the truth. It may not be obvious from its name, but the Stage 3D APIs are also perfect for rendering high-performance 2D graphics. […]

Unreal Engine 3 and Alchemy

The announcement of Unreal Engine 3 for Flash Player 11 was huge and goes to show just how powerful Stage 3D is. If you’re in any doubt about the potential of Flash Player 11 then just take a look at the video below, showing a technical demonstration of Unreal Tournament 3 running in the browser. […]

Learn AS3 for Free

So I think you’ll agree that ActionScript has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a simple scripting language for controlling timeline animations. However, while each new version of the language has been accepted with open arms by developers, creatives have been less willing to embrace it. This is a terrible shame, because […]

Inferno for Xbox 360

My buddy Alex is probably the best programmer in the world! He has a particular passion for all languages containing the letter ‘C’ and he’s so good that he bashes games together during his lunch breaks! And here’s one of them. Inferno is Alex’s first Xbox 360 game, which you can pick up from the […]

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

I’ll be honest, Steve Jobs’ criticism of Flash and the subsequent banning of apps built using Adobe’s Packager for iPhone enraged me and for quite some time turned me away from Apple products. Such was his reputation and authority that his words were able to polarise even those within the Flash community, with some jumping […]