Adobe’s WIRED Magazine makes it to iPad

Remember that incredibly impressive interactive WIRED Magazine demo Adobe showed off a few months back? The one that was built using AIR and was intended ultimately for iPad until Apple banned all Flash-related content from their mobile devices? Well against all the odds Adobe announced the release of the WIRED Reader for iPad the other […]

Adobe CS5 Road Show

Edinburgh is such a beautiful city and was an ideal location for the first stop of Adobe’s CS5 Road Show. It gave me the opportunity to appreciate some great architecture as well as feasting my eyes on the new features that have made it into CS5’s range of products. Being primarily a developer I tend […]

Flash: A Victim of its own Success?

This year’s Google IO event was pretty exciting, especially for those interested in the future of Flash. It has certainly been a long time in the making but Flash Player 10.1 finally made its public appearance on Android 2.2 devices, promising to bring the ‘full web’ to mobile. If that wasn’t enough, Adobe also revealed […]

Glasgow Flash Meetup

Well Friday night was something special. The greatest minds in the Glasgow Flash community met up to discuss all things Flash related and to have a good ol’ iPhone bashing session. But wait a minute, it turns out that even Flash devs are divided by all this Flash v iPhone malarkey. Incredulously some even seem […]

Behaviour Driven Development

My favourite presentation at this years DDD Scotland was Steve Sanderon’s “Getting Started with Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD)”. No don’t close your browser! This is gonna be a good post, honest. So what the heck’s Behaviour-Driven Development then? Well funnily enough Steve doesn’t pretend to be an expert on the subject, going as far as stating […]

Writing Software is Easy, Not Going Bust is Hard

If you guys will allow me I think I’ll talk about something other than Flash today. No I’ve not lost my marbles but there are a few other sessions from last weeks Developer! Developer! Developer! event that I’d like to talk about. Both Liam Westley and Steve Sanderson presented sessions that were real eye openers […]

Android 2.2 running Flash 10.1

Here’s a great video showing Flash Player 10.1 running on the Google Nexus One. The performance looks to be pretty impressive across the range of sites shown. I was actually blown away by how good The Eco Zoo ran on the handset as it showcases 3D content, something Flash isn’t particularly renowned for. The demonstration […]

Developer! Developer! Developer!

Upon arrival at this year’s Developer Developer Developer event I knew I was going into the hornet’s nest. It’s not easy trying to go unnoticed at these things you know, especially when you’re the only Flash developer there amongst a crowd of several hundred soulless dot net geeks. Somehow they can just tell you’re different, […]

iPhone Packager: Smooth Scrolling

Just thought I’d share a video of an iPhone app that I considered developing using Flash Professional CS5’s iPhone Packager. Of course I won’t be able to publish it to the App Store due to changes in Apple’s developer agreement but I still thought it would be interested to throw together a very rough prototype […]

Tutorial for those living in a parallel universe

Good news folks! If you use Flash and live in an alternate reality where Apple and Adobe get along just fine then you’ll probably find this tutorial quite useful. It details how to get the best performance when writing apps with Flash CS5 Professional’s Packager for iPhone. I suppose for everybody else there’s nothing stopping you […]