Learning Games for iOS

Frosby Design has just released its latest iOS kids educational app – Frosby Learning Games. It was developed using Adobe AIR and Flash Professional CS5.5, and has also been featured in Apple’s App Store in the US, UK, Australia and China. It’s a great little app for toddlers and young children, containing a collection of […]

Excerpt on Adobe’s Developer Connection Site

I’m delighted to announce that, along with a photo of my big ugly mug, Adobe are currently featuring an excerpt from my Flash iOS Apps Cookbook. So if you’re undecided about making a purchase then why not head on over to their Developer Connection website where you can download Chapter 15, ActionScript Optimization in its […]

Flash iOS Apps Cookbook – The lost recipes

When writing a book there are many tough decisions to be made. Perhaps the most agonising for me was deciding what to keep and what to drop. With an agreed page count to stick to I found that I simply couldn’t cram everything I wanted to into my Flash iOS Apps Cookbook. So during the […]

JavaScript to ActionScript Communication

While ActionScript to JavaScript communication is straightforward, JavaScript to ActionScript communication is less obvious and somewhat limited when working with the StageWebView class. In this tutorial we’ll walk through the steps required to pass data from an HTML page to your AIR for iOS app. This tutorial is a previously unreleased recipe from Flash iOS […]

ActionScript to JavaScript Communication

Although limited, the StageWebView class makes it possible for an app to directly call a JavaScript function embedded within an HTML page. Let’s walk through the steps required to call a JavaScript function from ActionScript. This tutorial is a previously unreleased recipe from Flash iOS Apps Cookbook and supplements the content found in Chapter 11, […]

iOS Map Native Extensions

Looking for mapping within your AIR for iOS projects? Then you should take a look at this native extension by Rares Neamtiu. It leveridges the iOS Map Kit framework to provide maps directly within your application. Rares has also recently added some new features to the extension including enhanced marker and events support. Mark Doherty […]

Profiling with Monocle

If you’ve been targeting mobile with the Flash platform or taking advantage of Stage3D on desktop then you’ll no doubt appreciate the need for good profiling tools. Mac OS X users have the excellent Instruments tool to help when developing for AIR for iOS but what about other mobile platforms or if you’re developing from […]

An Introduction to Starling and Sprite Sheets

The April issue of Flash & Flex Developer’s magazine is now available and includes my second Starling framework tutorial. It covers some of Starling’s display list basics and demonstrates how to create animation with the use of sprite sheets. Just head over to the magazine’s offical website where you can download the latest issue for […]

Overlaying AIR 3.2 for Flash Professional CS5.5

AIR 3.2 has been released so it’s time once again for me to update my AIR Overlay tutorial for Flash Professional CS5.5 users. So if you’d like to use the AIR 3.2 SDK from within Flash Professional then click through to the following post: Overlaying AIR 3.2 SDK for Flash Professional CS5.5.

Improving Starling’s Performance with Blend Modes

I’ve been impressed by the Starling framework but like many I’ve struggled to get a solid 60fps on some of the older mobile devices out there. For example, my recent parallax scrolling demo was capped at 30fps on iPad 1 whereas the iPad 2 was easily capable of running it at a full 60fps without […]