If you’re lucky enough to own a touchscreen Nokia rather than one of those smelly iPhones or HTC thingies then you’ll be able to play the latest version of my Russian roulette game that is now available from clickgamer.

It’s the ideal game for making bets with friends and family. I’ve won a considerable amount of money from my cousin Gregory but that’s because we’ve been playing with a ‘special’ version I hacked together that allows me to cheat! Gregory hasn’t figured this out yet and somehow believes he’s the unluckiest guy in the world when in fact he’s actually just the dumbest. Shhh! Nobody tell him.

Russian roulette

As well as the screenshot above there’s also a video in one of my earlier posts of the revolver working on my Nokia 5800.

So what touchscreen (or S60 5th Edition as us geeks prefer to call them) Nokias will it run on? Well it should run on all the 5th Edition devices actually but for the avoidance of doubt here’s a list:

    Nokia 5235
    Nokia N97 mini
    Nokia X6
    Nokia 5230
    Nokia 5530
    Nokia N97
    Nokia 5800

I must say, both the X6 and 5530 are nice looking devices.

Russian roulette is available from clickgamer.