AS3 iPhone Components

Pop over to NoRestForTheWicked and you’ll find a set of nifty ActionScript 3 iPhone components by Nick Jonas. He’s decided to start small but what’s there looks great and should come in handy for anyone wishing to prototype potential iPhone UIs in Flash or for those simply wanting to get a head start with their […]

Flash Lite 4

Spotted an interesting article on Scott Janousek’s blog stating that Flash Lite 4 is now available from Calsoft, one of Adobe’s partners responsible for getting the Flash Lite run-time working across various chipsets. So why another version of Flash Lite? Isn’t Flash Player 10.1 for mobile going to make Flash Lite redundant? Well not quite […]

Help shape the future of Flash

Been holding your breath for Flash Professional CS5? Well Adobe have finally announced that it’ll be available from April 12th. CS5 has an impressive list of new features but I’m sure as always there will be someone out there who has just had a great idea that isn’t going to appear in this release. To be honest I think the […]

Our new programmer hates Flash

Our new programmer Ian had managed to avoid using Flash since arriving at WeeWorld, but his luck ran out the other day when he was asked to work on some legacy ActionScript 2 code. I had a bad feeling he wasn’t going to enjoy it, partly because he’d just recently declared C# his new all-time favourite […]

Do people know what Flash is or care?

Most of you will have seen the ‘What is a browser?’ video where Google take to the streets of New York to see how many passers-by actually know what a web browser is. Even though they all seemed to surf the web regularly, only 8% of them knew what a web browser actually was. Well […]

The HP Slate and Flash

The iPad is a fantastic looking device but with so many manufacturers jumping on the tablet bandwagon it’ll be interesting to see what influence Flash support will have on consumers looking to make a purchase. Unlike the iPad, HP’s Slate will run the full internet, which means full support for Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe […]

Flash Lite 3.0 “out of memory” bug

Developing GamesFlash over the last few years was a great learning experience and, as I’ve said before, was something I was extremely proud of. There were times however when I felt like giving up. Although Flash Lite was a great stepping stone towards a full mobile version of the Flash player, there were terrible fragmentation […]