Next Generation Flash Professional

Looks like a new version of Flash Professional is on the horizon. Codenamed Hellcat, it has been re-written to take advantage of 64-bit architecture and should be much faster and hopefully more reliable than previous versions. In the video above, Sr. Product Manager Tom Barclay gives us a first look at it, focussing on the […]

ActionScript 3: The New Bottleneck?

NOTE: If you read this post then please also read the comment at the end from sHTiF (creator of Genome2D) who details some poor assumptions/misunderstandings on my part. When writing my Monster Dash clone, I opted to start by using Flash’s classic display list. Although my intention was to eventually swap over to the Starling […]

Zynga introduce PlayScript compiler and runtime

If you’re one of the many people aghast at Adobe’s decision to abandon ActionScript 4 then you might be very interested in PlayScript. Developed by Zynga, PlayScript is an open-source ActionScript 3 compatible compiler that targets a variety of runtimes to quickly build 3D games for both the web and mobile devices. In addition to […]