Adobe AIR Challenge

Writing a mobile app using Flash? Want to win a cash prize? Then why not enter the Adobe AIR App Challenge! Sony has partnered with Adobe to offer a grand prize of $100,000 for the best application optimized to run on their new Android-based Sony Tablet S1 and Sony Tablet S2 tablet devices. The competition […]

Timer Bug in AIR 2.7 for iOS

I was running a rendering test the other day on my iPhone when I noticed something odd. The test was claiming that twice the number of frames were being rendered using AIR 2.7 compared to the AIR 2.6 equivalent that I had run a few months back. This seemed like a pleasant surprise because although […]

AS3 Search Chrome Extension

Here’s a great little Chrome extension you might be interested in. The ActionScript 3.0 Search extension brings AS3.0 API documentation and auto-completion directly to Google Chrome. It lets you type a class name into the address bar before taking you directly to the relevant documentation. It’ll even provide you with search suggestions if a match […]