Hardware Accelerated 3D Coming to Flash

Wow, this year’s Adobe MAX could turn out to be the biggest yet for Flash with the announcement that Adobe is bringing 3D GPU accelerated rendering to Flash Player and AIR. From the demonstration videos it looks like this is going to be huge. Adobe aren’t going to stop there though. They’ll also be adding […]

AIR for Android – Six of the Best

It’s early days for Adobe AIR for Android but I thought I’d do some digging around on the Android Market and see what apps are already available. Overall I was fairly impressed and some very polished content has certainly been released. The following six however really caught my eye for one reason or another. 6. […]

Graphics Management with Bitmap Sheets

Introduction This tutorial is a loose follow-up to an article I wrote detailing how to maximise render performance for the iPhone Packager. It outlined, with some simple examples, the use of bitmap sheets to load and render bitmap images as opposed to using Flash’s vector rendering engine. I had also written an ActionScript 3 library […]

Publishing AIR for Android Apps

A big congratulations to all those on the public AIR for Android pre-release that have gone on to release their apps onto the Android Market. It’s great to see content getting out there and I seriously hope all you guys and girls get the recognition you deserve for your efforts. For those who are close […]

Almost There!

Okay I know. I said I’d have the Targeting Computer ready for AIR for Android’s release but the truth is I’ve been kinda busy with other commitments. The good news however is that it’s almost there and I now have a version of the Targeting Computer that I would say is functionally complete. Well if […]

AIR available on Android Market

Good news, Adobe AIR for Android is now available on the Android Market. You still need to sign-up to the AIR for Android public beta if you want to actually develop AIR apps at the moment, but I’m guessing that restriction will end pretty soon. I’m sure we can also look forward to seeing some […]

That’s impossible! Even for a computer

By golly, it can be hard work testing GPS-enabled apps. I mean if you really want to make sure it’s all working then you’ve gotta travel around and cover a good distance. I found out to my horror the other day that the Targeting Computer was suffering from some distance calculation craziness that I hadn’t […]

Funky Flash Music Player Tutorial

I’m delighted to announce that my tutorial – Go Retro With a Funky Flash Music Player – was published on Activetuts+ today. It covers both Flash’s design tools and ActionScript 3 to build a retro audio cassette that streams music. So what are you waiting for? Jump on over to Activetuts+ and give it a […]