At WeeWorld the majority of our projects are split evenly between Flash and .net, however very few developers are cross-trained in both. As part of our ongoing effort to be agile I was tasked with giving our .net developers some Flash training.

Spread over 6 weeks, the guys have been spending their Friday afternoons working through some tutorials I put together covering the drawing tools, timeline animation, and ActionScript 3 basics. It’s been interesting and as I thought, they mostly struggled with the timeline and Flash’s basic drawing concepts. Being C# developers however they were all up and running with ActionScript very quickly.

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I tried to make the course material as interesting and fun as possible with the final exercise asking them to create an audio cassette that streamed an mp3 file when clicked. It’s been a while since I had to do any real timeline work myself so I thought I’d give the exercise a go. You can find my attempt embedded above – Just click the cassette to start streaming some audio.

Thanks to Brown Eye Superfly for letting me ‘borrow’ their song ‘Any Other Way’. Hopefully this iTunes link to their album will stop them coming round to my door to beat me up.

Now I’m thinking it might be quite cool to port the audio cassette to mobile. An iPhone version would be nice. Could even get it running on a few Nokia devices using Flash Lite.