PixiJS Version 3 Released

PixiJS has got to be my favourite JavaScript 2D rendering engine. It’s awesome! So I was pretty damn pleased to find out that a new major version has just been released by Mat Groves. A lot has changed including a new modular architecture and increased focus on WebGL rendering. With WebGL now available across a […]

WebGL Comes to iOS 8 Safari

If you’re an iPhone owner then you’ll probably be pleased to know that iOS 8 comes with WebGL support for Safari. This is huge news for Flash developers and designers since Flash Professional CC 2014 now supports WebGL as a publish target. Here’s a quick video of some Flash content I created running on my […]

Flash and WebGL on Mobile

I got my hands on an HTC One the other day so thought I’d give the demo from my An Introduction to Flash’s WebGL Runtime API tutorial a quick run. When writing the tutorial I’d simply assumed it would work, but I didn’t actually have a WebGL-enabled handset to actually try it on. When my […]

An Introduction to Flash’s WebGL Runtime API

Learn how to build interactive WebGL content using Adobe Flash Professional CC 2014 that will run across both desktop and mobile browsers. What you will learn… How to publish for WebGL from Flash Professional CC 2014 The basics of Flash’s WebGL Runtime API How to work with Flash movie-clips using JavaScript What you should know… […]

Unity WebGL Export

Isn’t Unity awesome! For 3D games developers it’s probably one of the best choices out there and seems to run on just about any hardware platform you can throw at it. Now with Unity 5, things are getting even more awesome as it now targets WebGL, removing the need for the Unity browser plugin. So […]

Little Moon Buggy

I’ve been messing around with three.js again recently and thought it would be fun to try and mix some 2D visuals with 3D, kinda like you see in games like Rayman Legends. I also thought I’d spend some time experimenting with Physijs, which is a physics plugin for three.js. The end result was this little […]


Thanks to the ever increasing browser penetration of WebGL we’re seeing more and more games and demos that take advantage of it. One such demo that caught my eye a while ago was HexGL – a futuristic, fast-paced racing game developed with JavaScript and three.js. If you haven’t played it then check it out or […]

More Fun with Three.js

Happy New Year everyone! I thought I’d share with you my latest three.js experiment. It’s based on the spline demos I posted previously but this time I thought I’d move the camera to the outside of the tube geometry and let you rotate left and right around it. Just for fun, you can also fire […]

Fun with Three.js

Every year I promise myself I’ll spend some time learning 3D graphics programming and just about every year I fail miserably at finding the time to do so. So in a desperate attempt not to let the same happen again this year I thought I’d do some tinkering with three.js. Here are two quick demos […]

JS-Linter Flash Pro CC Extension

Static code analysis tools like JSLint can be a real time saver when working with JavaScript. It can be somewhat frustrating only finding out about errors in your code at runtime. It’s especially true when working with Flash Pro’s HTML5 Canvas document, where a simple typo can leave you with a blank page in your […]