I got my hands on an HTC One the other day so thought I’d give the demo from my An Introduction to Flash’s WebGL Runtime API tutorial a quick run. When writing the tutorial I’d simply assumed it would work, but I didn’t actually have a WebGL-enabled handset to actually try it on. When my buddy Alex created the original animation and vector artwork, he’d made no attempt to try and optimise it, so I was actually a little apprehensive that the content would just kill the device. Well the good news is that it works a treat and the performance is really quite impressive.

I did have to make a small change to the source code to accommodate touch on mobile, which I’ve now pushed to my GitHub repository. Basically to handle touch on mobile you need to listen for the touchstart and touchend events. Flash’s WebGL export feature holds a lot of promise and it’ll be really interesting to see what people do with it. Take a look at the video above or if you have a WebGL-enabled mobile browser then why not give the demo a spin and let me know how it performs. I’d be interested to know.