PixiJS has got to be my favourite JavaScript 2D rendering engine. It’s awesome! So I was pretty damn pleased to find out that a new major version has just been released by Mat Groves.


A lot has changed including a new modular architecture and increased focus on WebGL rendering. With WebGL now available across a wide range of mobile devices it’s great to see Pixi being architected in such a way to ensure that the WebGL side of things is as efficient as possible. Also, for those targeting multiple screen resolutions (who isn’t these days), PixiJS v3 has a new resolution manager making it easier to work across different resolutions and pixel densities.

A new version of the official site will be coming soon along with documentation and example code. In the meantime you can find out more on Mat’s blog and grab the latest version from GitHub. In fact, there are some impressive demos on Mat’s blog showing off just what v3 is capable of.