If you’re an iPhone owner then you’ll probably be pleased to know that iOS 8 comes with WebGL support for Safari. This is huge news for Flash developers and designers since Flash Professional CC 2014 now supports WebGL as a publish target. Here’s a quick video of some Flash content I created running on my iPhone 5’s web browser.

As you can see, the performance is excellent and we can now look forward to creating visually rich Flash content for mobile web. I also upgraded my ageing iPad 2 to iOS 8 and the same content ran perfectly on it too. I was pleasantly surprised by that actually. If you’d like to see the results for yourself on your own iOS 8 device then simply point your device to the original demo. And if you’d like to actually see how that demo was built then take a look at my tutorial.

As for Android. Well I tried my demo out on an HTC One recently and the results were equally impressive on that too.