Happy New Year everyone! I thought I’d share with you my latest three.js experiment. It’s based on the spline demos I posted previously but this time I thought I’d move the camera to the outside of the tube geometry and let you rotate left and right around it. Just for fun, you can also fire projectiles along the spline and increase your speed by pressing a boost button. There are also some barriers to dodge but no collision detection, so you can fly straight through them if you like.


I was inspired by a Unity/Flash game I once played called Tail Drift, and if you have some time on your hands then you should check it out because it’s pretty awesome. Now, my effort is nowhere near as good as Tail Drift but I have added a nice skybox and the planet Earth to my scene to trick you into thinking it’s better than it actually is. Have fun and if you’re interested, the code is available on GitHub along with my previous two experiments.

NOTE: There’s about 10 Mbytes of texture data (for the skybox and the planet) so the demo may take a few moments to load.