ANE and eBook Promotion

The very nice people at DiaDraw got in touch recently to let me know about a promotion they are currently running that should interest all Adobe AIR developers. They’re offering a 20% discount on their Camera Driver ANE for iOS and Android. Plus as an added bonus they’re also including their excellent Easy Native Extensions […]

Native Extension Development Revisited

Just over a year ago I took a stab at developing an iOS native extension for AIR. It was really just a learning exercise and I wasn’t actually trying to write anything specific. I certainly got a lot from it but having not revisited ANE development since, I recently found to my frustration that I’d […]

10 Steps to Learning ANE iOS Development

Over the past week or so I’ve been looking at Adobe AIR Native Extension (ANE) development. It’s something I’d been meaning to take a gander at for ages but never seemed to find the time. Plus on the surface, developing an ANE seemed a little intimidating. Well the good news is it’s not really that […]

iOS Native Extensions

While the AIR SDK offers a fairly comprehensive API, if you’re targeting mobile then you’re pretty much gonna have to rely on a few native extensions here and there. I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised by the number of quality extensions that have been produced by the community, and more continue to pop up every day. […]

Six Open Source Native Extensions

Firstly, if you haven’t already seen it in action, then download Song Pop from the Apple Store or Google Play. It’s a great little song recognisation game that lets you challenge your friends. What’s more, it was written using Adobe AIR and is a perfect example of what can be developed using the Flash platform […]

iOS Map Native Extensions

Looking for mapping within your AIR for iOS projects? Then you should take a look at this native extension by Rares Neamtiu. It leveridges the iOS Map Kit framework to provide maps directly within your application. Rares has also recently added some new features to the extension including enhanced marker and events support. Mark Doherty […]

Flash Roadmap Whitepaper

Adobe released its eagerly anticipated whitepaper outlining the future direction of Flash and AIR. With the desktop Flash Player fighting a losing battle against HTML5, and the mobile player dead, it’s no real surprise that Adobe has decided to focus on gaming and the deployment of premium video. Personally I think this is a good […]

Kinect Native Extension for AIR

My brother was telling me how much fun he’d had over the weekend playing with a Microsoft’s Kinect he’d borrowed from a friend. It prompted me to dig out a blog post I’d seen not too long ago showing Kinect integration within Adobe AIR. The post was by Adobe Platform Evangelist Serge Jespers, and showed […]

Native Extensions

Native extensions are one of the most exciting new features that will be coming to AIR 3.0. For those who don’t know, it will allow developers to create their own ActionScript extensions that leverage native APIs that aren’t directly available from the AIR SDK. So for example, those using AIR for iOS, will be able […]