The very nice people at DiaDraw got in touch recently to let me know about a promotion they are currently running that should interest all Adobe AIR developers. They’re offering a 20% discount on their Camera Driver ANE for iOS and Android. Plus as an added bonus they’re also including their excellent Easy Native Extensions eBook as part of the bundle.


The Camera Driver ANE lets you connect to and capture frames from the native device cameras on iOS and Android. It also provides control of the following camera features:

  • Frame rate and resolution control
  • Focus, exposure, white balance control
  • Point of interest
  • Flash
  • Camera swapping
  • Geometry filters

And if you’d like to know the development steps the DiaDraw team actually go through to write their native extensions then the Easy Native Extensions eBook is the best place to start. It’ll lead your through the entire process and have you writing your own ANE’s in no time at all. Here’s what I said about the eBook in a recent blog post.

This bundle offer is available until the 31st of December. Just head over to the Camera Driver order page and use the following promo code: yeahbutisitflashrocks