Native extensions are one of the most exciting new features that will be coming to AIR 3.0. For those who don’t know, it will allow developers to create their own ActionScript extensions that leverage native APIs that aren’t directly available from the AIR SDK.

So for example, those using AIR for iOS, will be able to take advantage of APIs such as In-App Purchasing and Notifications. It doesn’t end there though. As this excellent video by Mark Doherty shows, you can also render native UI within your app. In his video, Mark shows off Apple’s MapKit API being used to render interactive maps directly within his AIR for iOS app. It’s great stuff and really helps to plug many of the holes that were remaining in AIR.

  1. This is what I want. What I really, really want. Get it? Awesome Stuff. CanĀ“t wait.

  2. Wow…. Can’t wait to see code on how you do this…. I started something like this on windows only…. Use win32 API … Findwindow – Apollo window class name and window title to get hwnd… Then set parent my child window to the air native window and adjust the view port of my child window accordingly …. How do you put the native ui control on the stage on other platforms…. You must not be using winnow handle trick….. Please tell me how

    Mackey kinard
  3. Hi guys, I spent some time figuring out the “how to” for this on iOS, I’ve posted a blog post on it. Its actually very simple. Hopefully it helps someone.

  4. nice post. It will help me improving my apps performance and productivity.