Firstly, if you haven’t already seen it in action, then download Song Pop from the Apple Store or Google Play. It’s a great little song recognisation game that lets you challenge your friends. What’s more, it was written using Adobe AIR and is a perfect example of what can be developed using the Flash platform when targeting mobile.

Interestingly, FreshPlanet, the team behind Song Pop, has generously open sourced six native extensions that were used in the project. They are:

  • Facebook mobile SDK
  • In-App-Purchase
  • Flurry Analytics
  • Push Notification
  • Background Music Management
  • Network Information

You can download them from GitHub and you’ll be pleased to know that they can be used for both iOS and Android projects.

Good to see so many great native extensions being made available, and I might just use the Flurry Analytics one in an upcoming project.