My brother was telling me how much fun he’d had over the weekend playing with a Microsoft’s Kinect he’d borrowed from a friend. It prompted me to dig out a blog post I’d seen not too long ago showing Kinect integration within Adobe AIR. The post was by Adobe Platform Evangelist Serge Jespers, and showed a native extension for AIR that allows you to read the Kinect sensor data within your application. You can see the awesome video demonstration from the post below.

As you can see, it’s pretty damn impressive and shows a user controlling a 3D monster rendered using Away3D (and Stage3D) all handled by AIR and the Kinect extension. The extension was written by Wouter Verweirder, and works with Adobe AIR 3.0+ on Windows and Mac OS X. You can download the extension from the as3NUI website, where you can also find tutorials and videos demonstrating how to use it. Really great stuff!

  1. can we have the demo code?

  2. Hi Radu. The demo was written by Wouter Verweirder. He might be able to help you out. He can be contacted via his blog at:

    Christopher (Author)