Flash Player 10.1 on Android 2.2

Thought I’d share a video I stumbled upon today showing the latest beta build of Flash Player 10.1 running on an Android 2.2 handset. I’m pleased to say that the performance now looks significantly better than the first beta build I got to play with at the Adobe CS5 Road Show in Edinburgh. I guess […]

Build an app in a week recordings

Last week saw a series of free live webinars presented by Adobe technology experts showing users how to create RIAs using the Flash platform. If you missed out or simply want to cover the material again then fear not as you can find links to each session below. Rapidly build, deploy, and maintain Internet apps […]

Flash Player 10.1 Released

Flash Player 10.1 for Windows, Mac and Linux is finally available. It’s so packed full of new features and has had such a significant architectural change that’s it’s hard to believe Adobe hasn’t just labelled it Flash Player 11. And with Flash Player 10.1 for Android scheduled for release later this month it really is […]

Flash Camp Manchester

I’ve been told that all the cool kids will be heading to Manchester on the 8th of July for Flash Camp. Kindly organised by Flash Midlands the event will take place at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School for an afternoon and an evening of presentations, discussions and demonstrations of all things Flash. It sounds like […]

Windows 7 Slate with Flash Support

I gotta take my hat off to Apple. In the three years since the iPhone’s launch the other mobile OEMs are still desperately trying to play catch-up. Even the impressive Android OS doesn’t quite managed it. Android handsets are already suffering the terrible fragmentation issues (different OS versions, screen resolutions, user interfaces) that Apple has […]

Adobe CS5 Road Show

Edinburgh is such a beautiful city and was an ideal location for the first stop of Adobe’s CS5 Road Show. It gave me the opportunity to appreciate some great architecture as well as feasting my eyes on the new features that have made it into CS5’s range of products. Being primarily a developer I tend […]

Flash: A Victim of its own Success?

This year’s Google IO event was pretty exciting, especially for those interested in the future of Flash. It has certainly been a long time in the making but Flash Player 10.1 finally made its public appearance on Android 2.2 devices, promising to bring the ‘full web’ to mobile. If that wasn’t enough, Adobe also revealed […]

Glasgow Flash Meetup

Well Friday night was something special. The greatest minds in the Glasgow Flash community met up to discuss all things Flash related and to have a good ol’ iPhone bashing session. But wait a minute, it turns out that even Flash devs are divided by all this Flash v iPhone malarkey. Incredulously some even seem […]

Android 2.2 running Flash 10.1

Here’s a great video showing Flash Player 10.1 running on the Google Nexus One. The performance looks to be pretty impressive across the range of sites shown. I was actually blown away by how good The Eco Zoo ran on the handset as it showcases 3D content, something Flash isn’t particularly renowned for. The demonstration […]

Flash for Android

It’s getting closer. The first public betas for both Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR 2 for Android are almost upon us. If you’re interested then sign-up to be notified via the Flash Player 10.1 or Adobe AIR 2 beta pages. It’ll be interesting to see what the performance is generally like when browsing Flash […]