Thought I’d share a video I stumbled upon today showing the latest beta build of Flash Player 10.1 running on an Android 2.2 handset. I’m pleased to say that the performance now looks significantly better than the first beta build I got to play with at the Adobe CS5 Road Show in Edinburgh. I guess from the performance gains I’d say that hardware acceleration has now been switched on, which was definitely missing when I tried it out.

From the video it also looks like many of the usability issues have also been ironed out – previously it was very difficulty to switch into full-screen mode but it does seem much more intuitive now. Some Flash heavy sites do still seem to be a problem though. The UFC site at the end of the video seemed quite sluggish and unresponsive as its content loaded, and there were also a few occasions where full-screen video looked a little choppy. Hopefully Adobe can fix these remaining issues.

For the most part however I was once again very impressed and looking forward to a final build of Flash Player 10.1 making it onto handsets.

Update: I’ve just been informed that Flash Player 10.1 for Android went live about a week ago. I’ll need to try and stay in the loop – it’s been a busy past two weeks for me though so at least I have an excuse 🙂 Thanks to Dave for informing me.