It’s getting closer. The first public betas for both Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR 2 for Android are almost upon us. If you’re interested then sign-up to be notified via the Flash Player 10.1 or Adobe AIR 2 beta pages. It’ll be interesting to see what the performance is generally like when browsing Flash content. Devices such as the HTC Desire have a 1 GHz CPU and should allow Flash to take advantage of GPU acceleration too, so fingers crossed that Flash Player 10.1 will perform respectably on mobile.

As for Adobe AIR 2.0. I think this is a really exciting opportunity for Flash developers to get their games and applications onto Android. If the video above is anything to go by then the performance looks pretty impressive. As you no doubt know, Adobe have been working very closely with various handset manufacturers to ensure the best possible experience for the end user.