Flash Platform Mobile Momentum

Some interesting statistics coming from Adobe at this years Mobile World Congress. It looks like the Flash Platform is starting to see some decent penetration on mobile, with developers now able to deploy Adobe AIR applications to more than 84 million smart phones and tablets running Android and iOS. Flash Player 10.1 has also done […]

Tegra 2 and Flash

Looks like Flash on tablets and smartphones could be in for a serious performance boost this year thanks to Nvidia’s Tegra 2, which was announced at CES. Featuring hardware-accelerated Flash support, Nvidia are claiming a five fold increase in Flash performance on hardware that uses the chip. Several Flash-enabled Tegra 2 powered devices were announced […]

BlackBerry PlayBook

Another tablet device and another OS. Things are hotting up with BlackBerry entering the arena with the Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2.5 enabled PlayBook. It looks like this device will pack a punch, with a 7-inch screen, 1GHZ dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, support for hardware accelerated video and an HDMI output that can […]

Local Variables and Garbage Collection

NOTE: I had originally used the Timer class in my example for this post but it seems the Timer class doesn’t follow the normal garbage collection rules as mentioned in BIT-101. Anyway code and description updated below. So what’s wrong with this code? package { import flash.display.MovieClip; import flash.events.TimerEvent; import flash.sensors.Geolocation; public class Test extends […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab and Flash

Flash Player 10.1 for mobile is a significant step for the Flash Platform but I believe tablet devices is where Flash could really flourish. Don’t get me wrong, being able to check-out Flash content on mobile phones is pretty damn impressive, but the small screen is always going to create usability issues, especially for the […]

Native 64-bit Flash Player

Yesterday Adobe announced the availability of “Square” – their native 64-bit Flash Player for all major desktop operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. As well as the native 64-bit support, Adobe has been collaborating with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team to take advantage of the hardware-accelerated graphics capabilities in the newest version of IE. Apparently […]

HP Windows 7 Slate

Does it look familiar? Of course it does, it’s the HP Windows 7 slate. It was certainly one of the most promising looking tablets on the horizon and I for one was a little upset when it looked like HP had pulled the plug on the project. Thankfully HP has just announced that it will […]

Flash Mobile Competitions

Flash competitions are like buses. You wait ages for one then three come along at the same time. But hey I’m not complaining and neither should you because three separate competitions simply means three more chances of winning something! Adobe are really starting to push the Flash platform on mobile and along with its partners […]

Photobucket Mobile Site

here’s an interesting video showcasing the Flash Platform being used to deliver a mobile version of the Photobucket site. Before Flash Player 10.1 for mobile’s arrival the conversion effort to support video on mobile would have taken the Photobucket team several months. However by sticking with the Flash Platform the Photobucket team were mobile ready […]

Will mobile limit future Flash features?

Okay this is a slightly controversial post but it’s something that’s been nagging at me for a good few months now so I thought I’d put it out there and see what people think. Will Adobe’s mobile vision for Flash restrict future features? “Why would it?” you might ask. Well the whole point of Flash […]