Flash Platform Mobile Momentum

Some interesting statistics coming from Adobe at this years Mobile World Congress. It looks like the Flash Platform is starting to see some decent penetration on mobile, with developers now able to deploy Adobe AIR applications to more than 84 million smart phones and tablets running Android and iOS. Flash Player 10.1 has also done […]

Publishing AIR for Android Apps

A big congratulations to all those on the public AIR for Android pre-release that have gone on to release their apps onto the Android Market. It’s great to see content getting out there and I seriously hope all you guys and girls get the recognition you deserve for your efforts. For those who are close […]

AIR available on Android Market

Good news, Adobe AIR for Android is now available on the Android Market. You still need to sign-up to the AIR for Android public beta if you want to actually develop AIR apps at the moment, but I’m guessing that restriction will end pretty soon. I’m sure we can also look forward to seeing some […]

That’s impossible! Even for a computer

By golly, it can be hard work testing GPS-enabled apps. I mean if you really want to make sure it’s all working then you’ve gotta travel around and cover a good distance. I found out to my horror the other day that the Targeting Computer was suffering from some distance calculation craziness that I hadn’t […]

BlackBerry PlayBook

Another tablet device and another OS. Things are hotting up with BlackBerry entering the arena with the Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2.5 enabled PlayBook. It looks like this device will pack a punch, with a 7-inch screen, 1GHZ dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, support for hardware accelerated video and an HDMI output that can […]

AIR for Android Books

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the AIR for Android pre-release but given my limited time I certainly haven’t been able to explore everything it has to offer. So it was extremely pleasing to find out that there will be a few books on the subject coming out at the end of this year. O’Reilly will be […]

I feel like I could take on the whole Empire myself

Wow! The last few days have been pretty amazing and I’d just like to thank everybody for the overwhelming positive response to my X-wing Targeting Computer app. I’ve had desperate Star Wars geeks begging me to release it on the Android Market. Others have even resorted to threatening me with physical violence if I don’t […]

X-wing Targeting Computer

Update: You can find a post about the iOS remake of my X-wing Targeting Computer app here. I’ve always wanted to be an X-wing pilot, helping the Rebel Alliance in their desperate struggle against the Galactic Empire. Unfortunately we haven’t yet acquired the technology in this galaxy to build reliable and safe X-wing fighters. However […]

Getting Started with AIR for Android

You’ve probably noticed my posts haven’t been as frequent of late. We’ll it’s all Adobe’s fault! You see I’ve been spending way too much time coding cool stuff for my Google Nexus One rather than blogging. Hold on, actually maybe that’s a good thing. Anyway, I have managed to finish an AIR for Android app […]

Flash Mobile Competitions

Flash competitions are like buses. You wait ages for one then three come along at the same time. But hey I’m not complaining and neither should you because three separate competitions simply means three more chances of winning something! Adobe are really starting to push the Flash platform on mobile and along with its partners […]