Wow! The last few days have been pretty amazing and I’d just like to thank everybody for the overwhelming positive response to my X-wing Targeting Computer app.

I’ve had desperate Star Wars geeks begging me to release it on the Android Market. Others have even resorted to threatening me with physical violence if I don’t 🙂

My original teaser post was a little vague – I honestly wasn’t expecting such a reaction – so I thought I’d take a little time to answer some of the questions that have been put to me via email or posted on the various sites out there:

Is it real or fake?
It’s real, although still in development.
Will you be releasing it on the Android Market?
What version of Android will I need to run it?
Initially it will run on Android 2.2.
When will it be available?
It’s written using Adobe AIR for Android. I’m aiming to release the Targeting Computer app to coincide with the public release of AIR, which is itself still in development. Adobe has yet to announce a date but I’m hopeful that it won’t be that far off.
What about older versions of Android?
My priority is the Android 2.2 version but support for older versions of Android is a possibility.
What about an iPhone version?
What! You mean turn to the dark side? Actually I’m looking into it – wouldn’t want all you iPhone fans feeling left out.
Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile?
Depends on time, resources and demand. If you want to see it on any of these platforms then please let me know. Come to think of it, it would probably look really good on the upcoming Nokia N8.
So are you a super nerd/geek yourself?
A girl I used to work with once said I reminded her of the Rain Man. I mistakenly took it as a compliment. Does that answer your question?
How much do you like Star Wars?
I paid to see the Phantom Menace nine times when it was originally released. I tried for a tenth viewing but unfortunately they stopped showing it at my local cinema before I had the chance. So yeah, I like Star Wars a lot. I prefer the original trilogy though.

I hope that has helped clarify things.

I’m sure a lot of you can now sleep more easily knowing that you’ll finally get the opportunity to know how it feels to be an X-wing pilot hurtling towards the Death Star’s exhaust port.

Until you do though, take it from me, it feels pretty damn awesome!