Good news, Adobe AIR for Android is now available on the Android Market.

You still need to sign-up to the AIR for Android public beta if you want to actually develop AIR apps at the moment, but I’m guessing that restriction will end pretty soon. I’m sure we can also look forward to seeing some great apps announced at this year’s Adobe MAX and also appearing on the Market.

If you don’t know, AIR for Android allows Flash developers to write and publish apps (like this one) that will run on Android 2.2 devices that have the AIR 2.5 runtime installed.

If your device doesn’t currently have the AIR runtime installed then don’t worry, you will be given the option to install it when you run the first AIR app you download.

  1. Any estimate date for a possible beta release of the X-wing targeting computer? I want to make that attack run to the Death Star so bad! 😀

    Lo Zeno
  2. I wanna do Beggers Run….need the GPS to get me through it.