Game Development with Swift

I’d been itching to do a bit more Swift development recently but hadn’t had much spare time. Plus, every time I set myself a small project, it quickly grows arms & legs and ends up another one of those things I started but never got close to finishing. So I thought I’d just pick up […]

Part 6: Building an HTML5 Flappy Bird Clone with Adobe Animate CC

Welcome to the final part of this HTML5 Flappy Bird tutorial series. We’ll work on the game’s user interface and finish up by adding some sound effects. What you will learn… How to programmatically update text fields How to apply a tween to a movie-clip using JavaScript How to preload and playback sound within your […]

Part 5: Building a HTML5 Flappy Bird Game Clone with Adobe Animate CC

Welcome to part five of this HTML5 Flappy Bird tutorial series. Parts three and four had us implement endless scrolling. Today we’re going to get our little hero up and flapping. Along the way we’ll implement some basic physics in order to perfectly capture that familiar Flappy Bird feeling. We’ll also spend some time adding […]

TestFlight and Build Numbers

If you’ve been uploading builds to TestFlight you’ll no doubt have noticed that you need to increment your app’s version number each time you want to deploy a new build. Annoyingly Adobe AIR’s <versionNumber> tag has always populated both the CFBundleShortVersionString and CFBundleVersion keys in the iOS info.plist file, meaning there was no way to […]

Swift Endless Runner Source Code

As you may have already heard by now, Apple has announced a new programming language called Swift. It’s modern, powerful, and potentially easier to use than Objective-C. In fact, from the time I’ve spent tinkering with it, I’d say that those coming from an ActionScript or JavaScript background should find Swift a much more approachable […]

Distinguished Lecture with Bjarne Stroustrup

I was really lucky to get the opportunity the other day to attend a lecture by Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of the C++ programming language. He gave a really insightful talk about the history of C++ and covered some of the major additions coming to C++14. He also spent some time highlighting common mistakes and […]

Objective-C Endless Runner Source Code

Okay folks, that’s a first pass at the Objective-C version of my endless runner’s parallax scroller. I’d been meaning to take a look at SpriteKit for a while now so thought I’d use it as my rendering option. I was thinking about targeting the full range of iOS devices (Retina and non-Retina iPhones, iPads, and […]

Endless Runner Source Code

I’ve decided to port the source code from my Building a Parallax Scroller tutorial to various other languages, starting with TypeScript. I’m hoping that it will eventually evolve into more than just a parallax scroller and we’ll end up with a very simple endless runner game but that’s for a little further down the line. […]

Starling, PixiJS, and CreateJS

There’s been quite a lot happening in the world of 2D frameworks. Here’s some news regarding a few that I personally use on a regular basis both commercially and for personal projects. New Starling Book The Starling Framework is the most significant thing to happen in the world of Flash for years and has done […]

Coding Math

When it comes to mathematics I’m really a bit of a dunderheid. Thankfully for coders like me who should really have been paying attention at high school and university, Keith Peters (AKA @bit101) has started an excellent series of video tutorials explaining the maths that you need to understand as a programmer. Personally I think […]