If you’ve been uploading builds to TestFlight you’ll no doubt have noticed that you need to increment your app’s version number each time you want to deploy a new build. Annoyingly Adobe AIR’s <versionNumber> tag has always populated both the CFBundleShortVersionString and CFBundleVersion keys in the iOS info.plist file, meaning there was no way to simply update the build number while keeping the app’s version number the same.

Thankfully the recently released AIR 18 beta SDK fixes this issue by providing you with a <versionNumber> and a <versionLabel> tag. The <versionNumber> tag is used to update the build number, while <versionLabel> is used for the app’s actual version number. So if you’re only making a minor update to your app you can now simply update its build number rather than the version number.

You can download the AIR 18 Beta from Adobe Labs. The release notes are available from here.