Okay folks, that’s a first pass at the Objective-C version of my endless runner’s parallax scroller. I’d been meaning to take a look at SpriteKit for a while now so thought I’d use it as my rendering option. I was thinking about targeting the full range of iOS devices (Retina and non-Retina iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches) but in the end opted to just target a single resolution (iPad non-Retina) to keep things consistent with the other languages that I’ve used so far. You can find the source on GitHub.

So that’s my parallax scroller now implemented and running in four different languages:

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • ActionScript 3
  • Objective-C

If you need some more detail regarding the scroller’s implementation then take a look at the four-part tutorial I wrote for the original JavaScript version:

Building a Parallax Scroller: Part 1
Building a Parallax Scroller: Part 2
Building a Parallax Scroller: Part 3
Building a Parallax Scroller: Part 4

The implementation details are almost identical for the other three languages so you should still find the tutorial useful even if you aren’t interested in JavaScript.

So what’s next? I may add a few more languages and/or renderers to the mix over time, but my immediately aim is to add a game character that can run and jump between platforms. I’ll keep you guys posted.