BAFTA Scotland recently hosted an evening showcasing Scottish games talent, and I took the opportunity to pop along and see what was on offer. There was a really diverse selection available to play, including award-winning games from the 2013 Scottish Game Jam and the BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards. I was struck by the innovation […]

Bunny vs. Bunny

As promised, here’s a quick video of our first Bunny Vengeance rapid prototype. For demo purposes I’m using a clone of our hero as the opponent. I’m still waiting for plenty more animation from Alex, which I’ll hopefully drop-in over the weekend. But for the time being you can see in the video above: a […]

More Bunny Vengeance

So I finally found some time to start coding the Bunny Vengeance game idea that I’d been working on with my buddy Alex. The first prototype will be fairly simplistic but it should give us an idea if it has any mileage. Alex has sent over a tonne of animation and I’m using Flash Professional […]

Indie Game: The Movie

It took me long enough but I finally got around to seeing Indie Game: The Movie the other night at the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) in Glasgow, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. The film documents the development of independent games, through the story of three well known games: Braid, Super Meat […]

Bunny Vengeance Game Concept

I’ve been working with my buddie Alex on a new game idea, codenamed Bunny Vengeance. We’ve not committed to actually making anything for real yet but I thought I’d share a concept video that Alex put together. I’m hopeful that we’ll at least put together a few rapid prototypes but it really depends on the […]

How To Make Better Games

I don’t get out anywhere near enough these days, so my boss sent me off to the Edinburgh International Technology Festival. I must admit, there was a great mix of presentations over the two days, but it was the gaming related talks that I found of most interest, and I’d like to share some of […]

Inferno for Xbox 360

My buddy Alex is probably the best programmer in the world! He has a particular passion for all languages containing the letter ‘C’ and he’s so good that he bashes games together during his lunch breaks! And here’s one of them. Inferno is Alex’s first Xbox 360 game, which you can pick up from the […]