I’ve been working with my buddie Alex on a new game idea, codenamed Bunny Vengeance. We’ve not committed to actually making anything for real yet but I thought I’d share a concept video that Alex put together. I’m hopeful that we’ll at least put together a few rapid prototypes but it really depends on the feedback we receive. So please, let me know what you guys think.

It’s always great to be working with talented people like Alex. He’s a world class animator and if you don’t believe me take a peek at his showreel below. I’m sure you’ll recognise, well, most of his work 😉

Alex has only recently started dabbling in Flash, but it’s seriously cool to see someone who’s worked for the likes of Pixar and DreamWorks applying his skills to the Flash platform. Hopefully we’ll be able to find the time to continue with this project.

  1. I LOVE it!

    Gil Amran
  2. Nice work dude. Can’t await to see more.



  3. I love it. Basically the bunny goes in and kicks serious ___.

    David H.
  4. gr8 work.


  5. Please make something for real! I’d also love to see your approach on dealing with timeline animations, bitmaps/vectors and dealing with screen resolutions 🙂

  6. Animations look great, but what’s the game concept/mechanic? I hope it’s more than just another button-smasher. Maybe there could be some strategic elements to it, kind of like Shadow of the Colossus, where you have to punch them in a specific way and sequence. Definitely has potential, but depends largely on gameplay.

  7. Thanks for the suggestions Mutlu. We’re currently trying to simplify the game mechanic as much as possible to ensure it’s not just another button-smasher. It’s still very early days yet for this project and nothing’s locked down yet.

    Christopher (Author)