Well I thought it was about time I dug out another ‘lost recipe’ from my Flash iOS Apps Cookbook. This one shows how to stream remote video to a device and was originally intended for Chapter 12, Working with Video and Audio.

You’d have thought this recipe would have been a strong candidate to make it to print, but unfortunately I decided to drop it for a couple of reasons. First, there was the pressing need to reduce the book’s page count. I already had a recipe detailing how to work with local video and I guessed that more developers would have a need for that rather than working with remote video.

Additionally, at the time of writing there was a bug with the NetStream class that meant that certain buffering events weren’t being fired when working with Stage Video. Rather than running the risk of readers thinking there was an issue with my code, I felt it would be safer to simply remove the material.

Hope you find it useful.