Adobe AIR Games Showcase #4

It’s time to take a look at some more great games built with Adobe AIR. If you’re using the Flash platform, or any other development platform for that matter, to build your own games then hopefully you’ll find some inspiration here. If you’re just looking for a few games to play then I don’t think […]

Adobe AIR Games Showcase #3

I’ve come across quite a number of Adobe AIR games over the last few months so thought it was about time I did another round-up. There’s actually too many AIR games out there these days, particularly on mobile, so unfortunately I can’t cover them all. However here’s five that caught my eye for one reason […]

AIR’s Improved iOS Packaging Engine

It has been available since AIR 4.0 but I’ve held off covering AIR’s improved packaging engine for iOS due to a major bug at the time. Thankfully it seems to be fixed in the AIR 13.0 beta (yup we’ve gone from 4.0 to 13.0 in one step) so I thought I’d take the packager out […]

Adobe AIR Games Showcase #2

It used to be the case I’d have to actively go looking for desktop and mobile games written in AIR, but these days they aren’t that hard to find. Personally I think it shows AIR’s increasing strengths as a games (and mobile in particular) development platform. Anyway, here are few games that really show the […]

AIR Mobile Games Showcase #1

Over the past few weeks I’ve been playing quite a few really great mobile games written in Adobe AIR, so I thought I’d list them here for you guys to check out. All of them are definitely worth a look. Help Me Fly I’ve probably spent more time with this game on my iPhone than […]

Mobile Workers Coming to Mobile

It has taken a while but it looks like mobile workers are finally going to see the light of day on Android and iOS. They were announced as part of the Adobe AIR 3.9 beta, which is now available for download. In fact, here are the features that you can try out right now: Mobile […]

Going Mobile with Flash and Scaleform

Thanks to Autodesk’s Scaleform, the user interfaces in many of your favourite video games have all been created using Flash Professional and successfully integrated with the game’s native code. Mass Effect, Crysis and Halo Wars are prefect example of AAA titles that have gone down this route. However Rovio – the makers of angry birds […]

Stick Tennis

I actually meant to post about this game when it was originally released last year but for one reason or another didn’t get round to it. Thankfully its feature the other day on the App Store reminded me about it again. Stick Tennis is a really cool Adobe AIR tennis game that will have you […]

Zynga: “With PlayScript we got AS4 for free”

Here’s an interesting presentation from Zynga’s Ben Cooley talking about their cross-platform endeavours with Flash and Adobe AIR. He spends some times exploring the benefits of AIR and the challenges of porting Flash-based browser games to mobile. A significant portion of his presentation is also given over to Zynga’s PlayScript language and compiler, which I’ve […]

Upcoming Flash Runtime Features

Things have been quiet on the Flash and AIR front of late but thankfully there’s news of some exciting new features that are on the horizon. Here’s a list of the ones that I’m particularly excited about: Improved iOS compile times Reduced iOS file sizes Mobile Workers Integrated Physics iOS7 Support GameInput Support on iOS7 […]